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Visit our factory oxcarts Eloy Alfaro in Sarchi and meet the first industrial heritage.

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Our Souvenir in San Ramón

   In our souvenir shops in San Ramon and Orotina, you will find many products such as handicrafts, paintings, orchids, vases, glassware, local products, coffee, cigars, liquor, etc.., At the best prices, made by local craftsmen.

We open daily in continuous time. We send items anywhere in the world and we guarantee you that your order will reach you directly at your home on time and in good condition

In San Ramón we are located 3 km after the intersection of San Ramon, Puntarenas road.

Visit our Souvenir Shop

Our Souvenir in Orotina

In Orotina we are located 100m south of the gas station "Puesta del Sol", Coyolar, Orotina